04 December 2015

Black and white

A sort of Marimekko dog  ... one of the many that wait patiently outside the store while their owners get some groceries. Or dog food.

And this patchy thing is the cat we'll be looking after while its owners move house - a sort of Franz Kline cat -
... don't you think?
Franz Kline


magsramsay said...

The Marimekko dog looks very like Cypher next door - I'll be looking at her in a new light!

patty a. said...

Funny post! I love b&w, but I think that dog needs a big red bow for the holidays!

Sandra Wyman said...

And the cat looks as if it's been put together from the left-over bits from other cats!

Julia K Walton said...

You can find pattern and inspiration everywhere!