13 December 2015

"The tupperware"

A greater mystery than "What happened to the other sock" is "Where did the lid go" (or "Where's the container to go with this lid").

After, but before dispensing with stragglers
Another mystery is: How to store them so the lid can be found easily. Answers on a postcard, please!


Stitchinscience said...

That's a perpetual question Margaret. We have tried coloured labels, coloured writing, nothing seems to be sustainable through washing. Hope someone responds here with a solution.

Plum Cox said...

I confess that we have a 'tupperware' used just for lids on their ends..... it usually works! What would be even better is if someone could find me new lids for the genuine Tupperware pots that have broken or split lids! Good luck with finding a solution!

Anonymous said...

I stopped buying and saving various and sundry types. I now only use the Rubbermaid red lidded ones. Two sizes of lids that fit six different sizes of bottoms. They come square or round. Just pick one style or the other! Now I have two stacks of containers that nest into one another in any order and two stacks of lids. It's obvious which lid goes with which container.
Put everything else in the giveaway bag or the recycle bin. Or load them with cookies and give to friends, telling them to keep the container - please!

Olga Norris said...

I stack each individual design/size on top of a stack of their lids, or for awkward ones I keep the lids in an open (lost lid!) container as does Plum Cox. It seems to work, but it needs a lot of space. I use one corner cupboard with a two level whirly shelf: top for tupperware, and bottom for bakeware.

Sandy said...

I have low cupboards that have an upper shelf. But you sort of have to stand on your head to see what is there, so usually I have less used/useless things there. But in one cupboard I have a box from the grocery store which is full of lids. I can pull it out like a drawer and find the lid I want. Or take it right out and dig around for the lids of the little snack cups and things that have fallen right down to the bottom.
I also have a box in the bottom of that cupboard that holds all those miscellaneous things that don't stack or make sense. Like children's sipping drink cups for when we have guests with children. or readymade icing containers which work well for putting coconut milk and Thai curry sauce mix in the freezer.
Like Plum, I am looking for replacement lids to my 'mixing' dishes which I use for salad. Tupperware X, Y, and Z anyone?