29 December 2015

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of London Docklands

What intrigued me, in this 1999 model of West Ham tube station was the passage between the houses and the wall
It was going to be just the houses and wall, from several angles, but grew into a general view
No label for this display of handles for gripping the bales (presumably)
... and not enough space between them in my drawing;
next time, start with the negative spaces
It was amazing to see how many different objects everyone drew - pages and pages!; what follows is their favourites among the day's work -
Keys by Marina

Najlaa's documentation of a previous visit to the museum...
... and of one of the ships she drew

Janet found it effective to add the edge of its glass shelf to the West African sculpted head

Joyce found a 19th-century tea trolley (bales of tea, that is)

Sue had another go at the rack of blacksmith's tools she started last time
and moved on to this box of tools

Afterwards we had a look at the new roof garden near West India Quays station
Next stop: V&A's stained glass gallery

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