22 December 2015

Drawing Tuesday - ceramics gallery, V&A

"My" green bottle, with buffalo and lion - from Isfahar, Iran, 1600-1700
The colour definitely adds something!
 These were in the case behind me - tools and cobalt used in the production of blue and white wares in China -
 Later I found these giraffes cosying up to each other
Group of giraffes by Stella Crofts (1898-1964),
made in Billericay, Esses, 1923
I dreaded putting in "all those spots" and tackled it generically rather than as an exact copy -
Not enough time to draw these, this time -
Seraphin Soudbinine's style is "a mixture of Russian and Chinese" ... but to me it looks rather Meso-American.

Going round the table ...
Marina's decorative tile design 

Sue got wrapped up in Merete Rasmussen's twisty red piece

That tile again, by Janet B this time

Jo decided the stoneware sagger must have been used in the kiln to protect small pots

Cathy's colourful page of shapely pots

Two versions of the same Nigerian coil-built pot, by Joyce and Marina

The angles of Alison Britton's pot, by Joyce

1 comment:

Charlton Stitcher said...

No doubt the gallery offered a feast of possibilities. That green glass bottle and those entwined giraffes were lovely. The wonderful wonky Alison britton pot offers a great contrast.
I read some of her book 'Seeing Things' earlier in the year - so much covered - a most interesting lady. I must find focused time to finish it.