18 February 2016

Charity shopping, and where it might lead

Much as I liked the covers, these stayed in the shop
Idly browsing the charity shops of Crouch End, I found these -
with a view to developing some "installations" of the ceramics and other objects. Is that box frame deep enough? Can the boxes be adapted in some way? Will I ever get around to it??

Earlier that day I had come across the "black books" I made some years back, some of which mix happily with the porcelain pots -
That raised, yet again, the question of "how will I ever show these?"

Add in a few memory balls, and you have the start of a mixed-media mini-installation -
like the one sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be drawn (or dusted) -
How to get it (a) onto the wall and/or (b) "out there" to be seen?

One possibility is perspex boxes (thanks to Ann for supplying info about those).

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Connie Rose said...

Those books are delicious. And I love how you're displaying your fabulous ceramic pieces!