24 February 2016

Jumble trail

A trail of jumble sales - what a great idea! "This is a community event, organised by locals and open to everyone. It's easy to be involved, simply set up a stall in your front garden selling your unwanted items, or pop around the neighbours' gardens to purchase from them."

In October, the first Finsbury Park jumble trail had 80 stalls -
This is a great opportunity to move out/on some of the surplus clothes, books, furniture, bric-a-brac ... or perhaps some of the arty creations. I'll be gathering items...

There may be a jumble trail near you - go to http://www.jumbletrail.com/, register, then enter your postcode. The various jumble trails seem to have facebook pages, but what would I know about that?

1 comment:

magsramsay said...

What a brilliant idea , I love Jumble Sales! I was initiated at a very early age hunting down anything cotton for my mum's stash ( long before I got into quilting) and books for myself.