15 February 2016

Monday miscellany

Writing with light - chandeliers
(how to do it: use "night setting" and don't hold the camera still)
Diners at the Serpentine cafe risk being sucked up to the sky?
A moment in the life of one of Mark Wallinger's Labyrinths
 - Highbury & Islington station
A new pair of socks - interesting how the disparate
colours override the matched patterns
Sad summary
What to do with this discovery of JQ and bookwrap offcuts?
(possibly that's a rhetorical question...)

1 comment:

apiecefullife said...

An eclectic mix. I became interested in Labyrinths last year. do they have to be round? When does a labyrinth become a maze? I drew up a quilt to make but have to answer these questions first.