06 February 2016

Serendipity at Museum of London

A lunchtime lecture drew me to the Museum of London midweek - "The Formation of our Galaxy", one of Gresham College's free lectures (very well attended) - and afterward I wandered round looking for something to draw. Mike Hawthorne's 1987 drawing, based on his sketches in 1981, of the Brixton Riots

is impressive in its detail -
and my attempt to emulate his cross-hatching was instructive -
On hearing an announcement of a 45-minute tour of the highlights of the medieval gallery I went right along, and sketched while Jenny brilliantly explained living conditions, the evolution of armour, what people ate, diseases, and the transition from medieval to renaissance. An excellent tour, one of several that happen every day.
A typical house about 1100; it would have had quite a bit of space (mud!) around it

A chance to look more closely at Old St Pauls, which took more than 200 years to build

Cooking and eating around 1400-1500 - note the bone handled knife in the centre

More drawing, however hasty, and fewer notes

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Jane E.G. said...

Margaret, thank you for sharing the Brixton Riots...and the Museum and reminding me how lovely it is to stop rushing about and settle onto the drawing page. Cheerio !