06 December 2016

Drawing Tuesday - RAF Museum, Hendon

The WWI hangars, with WWI planes, adjoin a building that was moved, brick by brick, from elsewhere on the site of what used to be the Grahame-White Aviation Company Limited (it ceased operations in 1924) -
I found myself in Claude Grahame-White's former office, upstairs, listening to a short talk about the man and his achievements. The only original thing in the room is the fireplace lintel, which has his initials carved in it -
He'd had some "Jacobean" furniture made for his office, and this reconstruction did, too - 2nd generation fake Jacobean furniture.

But it was the planes we were there for - my favourite (not that I've seen them all) is the Halifax bomber, pulled out of a Norwegian fjord in the 1970s, a casualty of the attempt to sink the Tirpitz -
It was decided not to attempt to restore it.

Up under the eaves is the control room of His Majesty's R33 airship, built in 1919 and dismantled in 1928-
Our outcomes -
Jo watched men working on a Messerschmitt Bf-109

by Janet K

by Joyce

by Janet B
Sue's medley includes a stealth bomber

My airport beacon, WWI vintage

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