20 December 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Richmond museum

A small local museum it may be, but it had space for us - and chairs. And items of interest, some looking initially "ordinary" but they turned out to be connected ...somehow... to the local community.

I got quite tangled up in drawing the lacing of the skates - and then realised that it was a bit hectic on the left. Earlier I'd been getting some strange angles on a treadle machine - it was a matter of where to put the chair...
Najlaa's fire insurance mark -
 Mags' keys included a double-ended one -
 Sue brightened the day with the uniform that Thames watermen wore till the late 19th century -
 Janet found a model of a monk (Sheen Priory was close by) - his reconstructed robe was very, very white -
 Jo found a ceramic model of a wheelchair-using WW1 soldier in the "Star and Garter Home" display -
 Apologies for the lighting and shadows of the photos. We were lunching under Richmond Bridge - in a nice cafe, I must quickly add - which had limited window space, hence limited natural light.

Mags brought along one of the bags to which she's been applying printed photos of her stitched quilting - it's hard to believe it's not the real thing -
 Making our way back to the station, we encountered high tide and a certain amount of high water - one of the joys of the riverside -
And in a side street, an old house with a recessed and discreetly decorated door - a piggy-in-the-middle -

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