09 December 2016

Exhibition log, November

This'll clear up those bits of paper that will never get looked at again...

The East End Gallery Trail leaflet is widely available in East End galleries; it's an initiative launched by the Parasol Foundation. Keeping up with gallery openings and closings is quite a job...
East End Gallery Trail (via)
9 November - Frank O'Hara: In the heart of noise - wonderful evening of poetry and music at King's Place

Protest (17 artists) at Victoria Miro, including Sarah Sze's newspaper works - with a twist (went twice to this)
Calendar Series (via)
Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Portals, at Victoria Miro - "apparently everyday scenes"

Alex Hartley, A Gentle Collapsing II at Victoria Miro - "encapsulates the classic modernist tropes"

Robert Therrien at Parasol Unit - all works were called No Title ([short description])

Antony Gormley "Fit"at White Cube Bermondsey - "a series of dramatic psychological encounters in the form of a labyrinth" (went twice to this)
Room III (via)
King's Place - sculpture trail leaflet

Crossing the Circle - Philippe Vandenberg at the Drawing Room - abstract images expressing his "existential despair about the world, as well as his dark sense of humour"

Peter Waechtler at Chisenhale - the narrative in the animation in the show is, he says "my attempt to make the film and to make the song"

States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness at Wellcome Collection - nice illustrated leaflet, for bedtime reading, includes pix of neural cells, rather like these, by Ramon y Cajal at the turn of the 20th century; seeing them was made possible by a new staining technique -
Samson Kambalu, Capsules, Mountains and Forts at Kate McGarry - documents from a copyright dispute. (His recent PhD examined how the problematic of the gift animates various aspects of his art practice.)

Stuart Brisely, From the Georgiana Collection at Hales - Georgiana Street, northwest London, had a hostel for the homeless - photos of domesticity in a public space; buttresses; a procrustean bed; Brisley is often hailed as the "godfather of performance art" (in this video (one of the Tate Shots series) he considers painting not as an object but a performance)

Hugh Mendes at Charlie Smith - "ongoing, obsessional series of obituary paintings"

Jutta Koether at Campoli Presti - "Questioning the traditional hierarchies of painting, her work deconstructs the distinction between copy and original"

Annette Kelm at Herald Street - constructed photographs of ordinary things

Maureen Gallace at Maureen Paley - "carefully adjusted visions of houses and landscapes visited and reimagined as a subject over many years"
Early September (2016)
Martin Wilner - NY psychiatrist; rule-based process; music; micrographic writing
Hew Locke - sculptor, Brixton - colonial; symbols of power; cultural identity; Queen; ships)

Rosenfeld Porcini - Across the Divide - works by Chao Lu, Leonardo Drew, Keita Miyazaki

Ceramics in the City at Geffrye Museum - more than 50 potters

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