13 December 2016

Drawing Tuesday - Tate Modern

A day of low clouds, and the leaves still on the birch trees outside the art museum -
Inside, the Tanks rather swallowed me up. I got interested in the various signs of reconstruction, and of the original construction ... but which was which?
Polished concrete floors seem to be de rigeur these days

Spot the re-bar among the conglomerate - but it was the writing that interested me

Just like in the Lascaux Caves!

Builders use walls like blackboards

Well positioned, or was it just a coincidence?
Result of a couple of hours of looking, wondering, recording -
After which, I wandered upstairs for a few moments and found this view, looking "very Robert Kelly" -
Sue's work gives a better idea of what the Tanks really look like -
 Others were elsewhere, saw other things -
Najlaa discovered Kelley Walker

Carol found the carousel and seasonal market outside the gallery

Janet found some "interesting" legs by Louise Bourgeois

Joyce translated Rothko's painted colours into pencil crayon
 And then we headed out for a colourful lunch and were lucky enough to nab a big table -

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