09 April 2020

Daily exercise

Minutes - or rather, 1000 steps - away from my door is a large park, Finsbury Park, which I've been using more in the past few months than in the 25 years I've lived at that address. At the moment the UK is having some rather good weather and in ordinary times people would be out there all over all the parks. But lockdown means that we are allowed to take daily exercise, but not to linger on benches or - heaven forbid - gather round a picnic blanket. 

A couple of days ago, the leaves just coming out -

I noticed that all the exercise equipment was fenced off, but hadn't noticed this - "Steel Warriors" -

 The New River Canal runs through the park. It has been carrying water to London since 1613 -
Today, with Easter weekend imminent and good weather forecast, the park is under the watchful eye of the police -
 Some parts are almost empty -
 but the main road gets a good footfall -
 As well as mounted police they're on foot, in pairs
The mounted ones pose for photos -
but when they clip-clop off again the birds at the lake rise in alarm -
 I'm missing the breakfast treat of bacon sarnies at the cafe -
Will it ever be the same?

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