04 April 2020

Studio Saturday - a couple of shelves

Encouraged by the clear surfaces, but appalled by the general pandemonium, I took my camera into the room "to photograph a few details" - ie, without the clutter.

The overflow of my cloth bag collection hangs in the studio -
 ... next to the bookshelf, on which were two old atlases, from 1928 and 189? -

The embroidery on top of the books has its own history, dating back to the 1990s.

A quick look through an art catalogue turned up some more ideas for the upcoming reduction print -

 This possible starting point is from "Ernabella Batiks" book -
Also among the books was the calendar put together by Camden Age Concern, illustrated by artworks based on items in the British Museum.
It was made for CQ's "Celtic Connections" challenge in 2009. Machine-quilting the rust fabric put an end to quite a few needles as they hit heavy-metal patches.

In no time at all, two short shelves were tidy, even roomy, with a few books de-selected for redistribution when that becomes possible. (A pile is growing, in a dark corner.)

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