26 May 2020

Drawing Tuesday - inside a cupboard or drawer

My kitchen has a vast array of cupboards and drawers to choose from; the ones at the top need a ladder to get to, and are essentially oubliettes -
So I chose the one that gets the most use - the fridge; the one that I would dearly love to be clear of all those jars and bottles at the back, kept "just in case".
Admittedly, this was not drawn entirely from observation of an open fridge - I took a photo, printed it, and mostly used that as reference, with forays back into the fridge now and then to check that the colours were "real".
And to start, I used carbon paper to trace the lines of the shelving -
Again, the question is, "Is this cheating" - and I'd say yes, except that I wanted to use the particular quality of a carbon-paper mark, more velvety and less likely to smear than pencil. And the placement of jars etc in relation to each other was a bit of a challenge in itself. I plunged straight in with the colours, rather than adding them afterwards. However the main advantage of starting with a bit of tracing is that it did get me started - I found this topic quite difficult at the outset.

From Janet B -  the lure of drawing in the garden proved irresistible. I picked a couple of items from a memory box: my son’s first pair of shoes from 32 years ago and the imaginatively named “Boy” from a few years later.

From Janet K - Things in my puppet eye box. The ends of plastic spoons make good eye shapes.

From Joyce -  I couldn’t get motivated today so here is one I did recently for an online sketchbook challenge. Hopefully I’ll be in the mood next week!

From Judith - The ‘Glory Hole’ under the stairs.

From Mags - Before an early lunch I did a continuous line drawing of the contents of the kitchen drawer . Afterwards attempted a watercolour which got very messy and confusing ( bit like the drawer really, it needs a good sort out !). The doodles along the edges of the page were the most fun , capturing the essence of implements.

From Sue S -  A difficult one to settle down to - drawers all looked so messy!! This is my sewing drawer: incl. upside down glass pots with assorted beads, sequins, nick-nacks!

From Richard - Watercolour on pencil sketch; why are nearly all my clothes black and white?
Caran d’Ache with some wet brush. In my crazed mind this looks like Surrealist-phase Paul Nash

From Ann -  I selected a memory group of a ceramic cat, icon and Japanese figurines and used new Faber Castell polychromos pencils which I'm so enjoying!

From Hazel - This is a view into my sewing box. I drew it using a brush pen and coloured pencils.

From Gill - Inside the tea towel drawer, drawn with pencil crayons. Since seeing how Marie Kondo folds everything I feel very calm when I now grab a clean tea towel instead of delving into chaos.

From Jo - Outside cupboard. Coloured pencils, HB and 6B pencils, Derwent Drawing Chinese white, candle wax, eraser.
Old hand-forks found in the shed. Staedtler triplus fineliner, water soluble pencils.

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