12 May 2020

Drawing Tuesday - Vases, jugs, pitchers

The evening before, I looked around and gathered a few vases and jugs -
 ... and found more the next day -
Each of them has its story, and 25 have shown up so far - drawn separately, that's nearly enough for an alphabet book, and I was tempted to start one then and there! But I did a group portrait -
Was it the chair or was it the bending forward - my back wasn't happy at then end of the session, and I was rather glad to see the back of it -

From Carol - Doing a dimpled jug was a challenge. It was nice to take time and think about all the reflections.

From Sue - Here’s my sketch of an array of our jugs & vases.

From Janet B - I enjoyed drawing a Westerwald jug, a souvenir from my year in Germany in the mid 70s, and then as I’m never able resist a bit of kitsch, an Asda Westie milk jug.

From Judith - Playing around today!

From Mags - In the morning, short of time, I did a small watercolour of four jugs with histories seen from above. In the afternoon , in homage to Morandi (remembering the fantastic exhibition and workshop at the Estorick http://magsramsay.blogspot.com/2013/04/morandi-workshop-poetic-still-lifes.html) I drew the bottles by the sink.... It took a while.

From Janet K - My attempt at Morandi cross hatching. I am enjoying drawing at home - though I miss the convivial lunches - it gives me time to start again when the first try doesn't work. 

From Najlaa - This is the vase I did. I have the picture from long time and no chance to draw it.

From Jo -  two attempts. I think I prefer the black and white one, although the coloured one took longer as I kept going back and "scrubbing" at it! - mainly adding more patches of colour.
Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

"The blue bottle at the ack does not exist. The others came from the shed."
 Wax crayons, a bit of water soluble pecil - and much general scrubbing!

From Gill - My metal jug in the garden  just drawn , with pencil and crayon on embossed paper.

From Ann - Loved the Morandi theme ...jugs, vases. And enjoyed all the challenges of a pencil drawing but also the calm that came to me.

From Hazel - I drew 3 containers found in my studio today. The light was strong this morning and I got involved with the shadows cast. I drew with pencil and coloured pencils. I am always surprised by what you see when drawing from life.

 From Jackie - three vessels left to right: made by me in 2006 a dramatic salt glaze firing wheree the kiln shelf collapsed not to be righted till kiln was unpacked with fear and trepidation 2 days later... middle pot by Michael Casson, saltglazed. 3rd pot French round vessel I have known since childhood

From Richard - Pastels

Fountain pen; really good new one, with big piston-type ink reservoir and nib choice available, bought online: TWSBI ‘Eco-pen’.

From Sylvia - Nice to try drawing again!

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