03 May 2020

Lockdown menus - last week's meals

Monday 27 April
Bacon and tomatoes on sourdough toast, yogurt, fruit

Smoked mackerel with salad, earl grey tea

English asparagus, bean soup with croutons, malbec
Eggs, toast, yogurt, fruit, coffee

Roast veg with melted cheese, green salad, ice cream

Grilled courgettes, portuguese pork, sauvignon blanc

Two-egg omelette, sourdough toast (muhumarra optional)

Fried rice (with leftovers), tomato and onion salad, ginger tea

Pasta pesto

One-egg omelette, mushrooms, sourdough toast

Bagels with Canadian smoked salmon, colourful salad

Egg salad sandwich, sauvignon blanc

Toast and muhumara, blueerries and yogurt

Stuffed courgettes, rice and lentils

Egg mayonnaise on bagel, cream cheese and marmalade ditto

Rice and quinoa, leftover portuguese pork

Smoked mackerel on toast, veg, olives, sauvignon blanc

 Sunday 3 May
Omelette, toast and jam

Sausagemeat and bacon burger with egg, on bagel

Puff pastry tart (pesto, tomatoes, feta), fried rice

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