05 August 2009

Some of my favourite Little Gems

Because I'll be away until Festival of Quilts, all the Little Gems I've made since January are getting packed ready to go. These are some of my favourites. They're on the LG website if you want a closer look.Making all these little quiltlets was a great way to try different things, in different ways, and really improve doing things like bindings. It was such fun ... I'm not sure I'm ready for "big quilts" after this!


Julie said...

Great selection Margaret.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Thanks for periodically reminding us to go look at the quilts on the little gems site. I just visited it again today to see what was added since my last visit. So much inspiration, so many lovely little pieces.

And you, my dear, have been incredibly prolific in this project. I love so many of your pieces, get a kick out of others, marvel at all the ideas you've come up with. Great job, wonderful effort.