31 December 2010

Boekie Woekie

Amsterdam's artists book store was on my list of places to go. It did not disappoint; from the 7000 titles carried,I had a hard time choosing just two books; "Quiet Amsterdam" by Siobhan Wall (who is working on a book of "Quiet London"), and another that went elsewhere as a Christmas present.
In the window beside the door, this notice:

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for buying my book 'Quiet Amsterdam' and mentioning it on your blog. A few places have closed since it was published: Makings small shop, Treetops B&B and Hotel San Luchesio. Try Ambassade Hotel instead, and the small bakery 'Paul Annee' in Runstraat. I hope to have a book signing for Quiet London in April in London. Please come!