24 December 2010

By train

Impromptu construction on the platform at Brussels -Antwerp (I think) - underground concrete caverns -
Rain on the windows; the next day it turned to snow and caused chaos. The announcement at Amsterdam station, which we listened to over several hours, was simply "The railway has a different schedule today. The weather conditions mean that some trains will be delayed and others will not run. We are supplying free coffee and tea at the Kiosk." Useful information -- and none of the wasted-breath pseudo-apology of "We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause" that you hear all the time in the UK, and that means absolutely nothing. When are they going to drop this silly little ritual?

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Margeeth said...

I am pleased to hear that you liked the way the delays were announced. If they are going to drop the silly little ritual of apologizing for delays can we please take over the queing you english people are so good at. I was in Utrecht the friday it started to snow and everything turned into chaos and having to fight my way into a train while I was one of the first waiting for it was definitively not nice at all. Did you eventually get to your destination?