28 February 2011

Book du jour

Yesterday evening, unpacking some purchases, I liked the sound the plastic bag made and laid it on the workbench, to be made into a book this morning - a book that revealed this sonic quality. After working out the structure (front), I made a larger (rear) and smaller version - and also versions from tracing paper (middle) and, above that, teabag paper. They all sound different.

While working - and listening to the rustles and crinkles that wer happening as the paper rubbed up against itself - I was thinking of "sounds to read by" and how white noise can be used to mask tinnitus. One of the highlights of a trip to Helsinki in 2003 was the soundscape in the Academic Bookstore - it was subtle and had to be pointed out to me ... sounds of a pen scratching, someone coughing, pages turning - very appropriate! Since then, I've not been able to bear the stupid music that plays mindlessly in the big bookstores. (Or the raucous conversations of staff in smaller, non-music-playing shops ... but that will be another rant, another time...)

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