05 February 2011

Two more discoveries

Oh my, what was I thinking? This piece - which is about a yard wide - was supposed to be "The Road to Hell" - it was bundled up with paper patterns for lightning bolts, but the people running down the road got used in something else (just as well!) -
It's big enough to form the basis for most of my JQs this year - the JQ size is 10" square. It would certainly be a challenge to make "something interesting" out of this piece - but doing it just as an exercise is pointless. "First find your concept" - !

The next discovery was part of my Luna project (a large, quilted moon surrounded by a lot of - 28, as it happened - quilted holes; can't find a picture at the moment...). The discovery has ancient symbols for the moon scattered on the shiny blue - a better starting point for a series of journal quilts, and it comes with the concept embedded in it. I've done a lot of moons over the years, and could probably find a way to tie the moon into "journeys" -
My challenge will be, in the rules of this year's JQs and more importantly in the context of my Journey Lines project, to have a circle in the first four JQs, text in the second lot, and finally - buttons ... how on earth do buttons relate to the moon? (as stars, maybe...)

One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. --- A. A. Milne (quoted in the Get Organized newsletter)

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