15 November 2011

Bite sized textiles

One of several unblogged-about exhibitions I've seen in the past wee while is Bite Sized at the Daiwa Foundation. Small textiles, on plinths, around the edges of two rooms. Olga has done a thoughtful and extensive blog post here, and the show's web page has links to many of the artists.

My favourite pieces were Sue Lawty's lead weaving (she's been doing a project at Kilhope Lead Mining Museum)

Koji Takake's polypropylene cube (his work is concerned with 'oppositional' elements) -

Philippa Lawrence's parchment and monofilament construction -

and Yoshiko Tanabe's silk "snowball" -

- each of which reveal something new-to-me about the materials, and the possibilities of working with them.

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Olga said...

I also loved Phillippa Lawrence's piece, but as so often happens, my camera battery ran out just as I was going to snap it.