06 March 2012

Book du jour - a thread path

A long strip of tissue paper, and an idea of sewing into the long pages of a concertina book ...

And applying graphite. I remembered from Dorothy Caldwell's workshop, years ago, that when you do a rubbing of embroidered fabric, it's like an x-ray because the threads on the back show up too ... so rubbing all the stitched pages at once would produce ... what ... perhaps the entire path of the thread?
 Pulling up the thread to "gather" the pages produced another kind of path -
I left the thread in the book, curling the ends between the first page and the cover to hold it securely.
Layers of threads revealed by graphite (or wax?) rubbings is yet another thing to explore/develop in the next few weeks.


Connie Rose said...

We're talking "shibori book" here!

Diana Hale said...

Hi Margaret
I think I did some courses at City Lit with you. Love the blog and glad to see you are still creating!