30 March 2012

London revealed

In an idle moment (waiting for something to load on the computer) I pulled this little book off the shelf
It's a well-put-together collection of photos that goes beyond the tourist sites. Although there is the physical problem of the spine threatening to crack if the book is opened too far, it has well-chosen close-ups of delightful architectural details and satisfying two-page spreads. For instance, good use of the gutter -
Cables holding up the roof of a superstore in Brentford
And some clock towers -
Walthamstow civic centre and the Big Ben tower
Oxo tower and Gillette factory
London, or rather its western fringes, has quite a few art deco factories, some of which have been revived and repurposed. This is because of a trade agreement in the late 1920s that favoured imports to UK from Commonwealth countries - so to tap the lucrative British market, American companies built modern factories in the UK. The largest art deco factory, the cigarette factory in Camden, is now offices, gym, etc; the Hoover Building has a supermarket nestled round the back.

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