04 March 2012

Handwriting on fabric

Head over to Deborah Boschert's blog for a tutorial on handwriting on fabric. She gives the practicalities (use plain fabric, back it to stiffen it, keep the writing at the same scale, exaggerate certain elements). Her writing isn't meant to be read, just to be another fabric print.

For me the exciting thing was that often she writes about the ideas and themes in the quilt that the fabric is intended for. What a good way to put some "intention" into a quilt, up front! Or what you find yourself writing on the fabric could be a starting point if you've found other fabric you want to use and are fishing around for an idea of how to develop the design. When it's cut up, the handwritten fabric won't reveal your deepest secrets, but doing the writing will free your mind and clarify your purpose.
"Grow Illuminated" (from Deborah's website) shows how she uses handwritten fabric in the background.

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