23 March 2012

A tale of two kettles

Once upon a time, not all that long ago as human history is concerned, the kettle with automatic switch-off was invented. But the mechanism was not a perfect one, as so often happens during human history, and individual items broke eventually. Thus it was with my trusty kettle, after nearly a decade of constant use.

Unplugging it would ensure it stopped boiling, and this we did for months, until the little green light would come on no longer.

Thus, knowing of the acoustic demands of the "wonderful" new "improved" fast-boil kettles, a trip to the library was undertaken to check which were the quietest kettles. Beyond that factor, the decision was on price and style, and the new kettle has at last arrived -
As stylish as the old one it is not, and I'll miss that... but what is this ... setting the temperature to 85, 95 or 100 degrees ... 85 for white, green, and herb teas; 95 for cafetiere coffee; 100 for black etc tea. Modern life is getting too complicated.

Remember whistling kettles? Those too had acoustic demands...


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Yes, these new kettles are part of daily life for a tea drinker aren't they? Ours just bit the dust a couple of weeks ago....the lid kept popping open, which was a signal for it not to shut off even when it should have....eventually my attempts to hold it down by other means quit working and pieces of the plastic construction disintegrated....my husband was forced to bring the one he had up at school home....but it probably won't last forever either. I suppose next time we buy one, we'll get one that regulates the temperature for different teas...why not?! Enjoy your new kettle friend! -- Patti

Kathleen Loomis said...

I didn't even know there was such an appliance until we traveled in New Zealand several years ago, then as a confirmed tea drinker I was pleased to find one in our US stores. After its automatic shutoff broke, I bought a second one. Now its automatic shutoff has broken too. I went to buy a new one and the product police have taken mine off the market (and I bet it isn't because the automatic shutoff didn't work very well). Bought a fancy new one but haven't gotten it out of the box yet. Just hoping I don't forget about the water boiling and burn down the house.

Anny P said...

We've had two longish power cuts here in the last fortnight - had me rootling in the garage for the old whistle kettle that now comes camping with us.