03 March 2012

Things that drift around the desk

Things pile up, don't they - heaps of papers holding goodness knows what - things you can't quite get up the resolve to throw away. In sorting out the heap at the corner of my desk, I found this photo, cut out from some magazine or other. 1940s? Who are they? What are they doing on the top of that building, anyway? Love the lowering sky...
 Also in the heap, a photo I remember - King's College, spring of 1974 or 75 - King's College Cambridge, showing Beatrice the sights when she visited from Switzerland  (the long skirts of the day kept you warm when riding the old bike, and I loved that navy blue jacket) -
We didn't take quite so many photos in those pre-digital days, and it was quite usual to buy black-and-white film. Late, lots of companies did cheap developing - when they sent back your film you got an envelope to post them the next one. At that point - especially after starting embroidery and art classes in the early 90s - I took more and more photos, which are now categorised in several shoeboxes (maybe ten?) - tucked away on a not-very-accessible shelf  - another thing that needs sorting. As does this - information from exhibitions seen in the past wee while - I intend(ed) to write about them all on this blog, but some are history and one must move on -
I wonder, when is the "right time" to sift through these?


The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh gosh yes, the long skirts of the 70's. I did love them - even when the weather wasn't so cold. Had a lovely "prairie style" dress and lacy shawl that I wore in the spring on campus. Trendy us!

reensstitcher said...

My equivalent of your shoeboxes is a large plastic underbed storage box plus a couple of shoe boxes with more recent (around the millenium) photos and negatives. Unfortunately I have very few older ones because they were all burnt when our next door neighbour set our house on fire in 1999! Later I grabbed copies of the family ones I had sent to my mother and now I tell myself that at least nobody will have to decide what to do with them when I die - I spent days sorting my father's slides and in the end only kept about two dozen.