19 May 2012

An afternoon out

First stop, the Transport Museum shop - on the sale shelf, these mugs left over from 2007 -
 Elsewhere, an embroidered map by Susan Stockwell -
 and this rather desirable chair -
On to browse at Anthropologie, where we could have taken home one of these papier-mache trophy heads (but didn't) -

At last, a use for those pre-digital photos -

And faux-cactus - some made of cloth, others of wood; elsewhere, they were stuck with toothpicks for spines -
It was finally almost warm enough to have a coffee outside on a Soho streetcorner -
Back in Covent Garden, another creature that we left in the store -
The highlight of the afternoon was trying on the jolly yellow footwear - a size too large, though, and even after reducing, still costing £115 - as they say, "in your dreams.." -

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