16 May 2012


Much to see at this high-end craft show, held in the Saatchi Gallery. I like that it runs over the weekend and on to Monday - and that the venue is so spacious -

Lots of jewellery - interesting shapes, made in interesting materials -
Indeed, everything is all about the materials - as well as design and skill-in-making. Here's a tiny selection - starting with the Craft Council's travelling Raw Craft show. This table is balanced to support itself at any height -
 Lacquer and pottery beautifully displayed on an immensely long scroll containing details of its making, and using reclaimed materials like pottery shards, by Tang Mingxiu -
 A neck piece using old paintbrushes! by Jacomijn van der Donk -
 Deidre Hawthorne's sagger-fired pots - she calls them "racers" as they remind her of schoolchildren, lined up, restless and ready for action -
 Nora Fok's cheerful knitted "cherries" necklace, and an intruiging, seemingly endless, plastic coiled piece -
The Project Space had brilliant displays, with the artists on hand - I was especially intrigued by the video tape and paper cutting -

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