31 May 2012

Book du jour - a weekly calendar

Many calendars are available on the web to download and print out, but I knew exactly what I wanted for mine, so whipped it up in InDesign, printed it out, and set to work with the bone folder (very soothing) and glue.
It has a column for each day of the week, divided into a "to do" section (tasks and appointments) and a "have done" section.
Sixteen weeks are contained between greyboard covers.
Practice in making slipcases is called for
Because concertina books love to slide and spread and snake all over the place, it has a slipcase, made of some waxed paper that happened to be at hand - in case I need to take it around (like a security blanket?).

I'll try to keep to three main tasks for each day. And remember to write down the achievements.

This is my first SOD acted upon - and noted. Back to that list...

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