24 May 2012

Wire and beads

We have a small collection of tin-can and beaded animals, and these eland (are they eland?) would fit right in. The beaded baskets are simply gorgeous. They are made in South Africa, of course - Capetown to be exact - read about Streetwires in Hand/Eye magazine (photo is one from the article). This fair trade organisation provides employment for 120 people, many of whom learned to make tin-can objects as children.

As the article says, "The origin of this traditional craft is still unknown, but is speculated to have developed out of Maputoland and Zululand in the northeast corner of South Africa. It was here where the village elders’ took notice of the childrens’ ingenuity as they were making model cars, bikes and other toys out of anything from rubbish to tin cans, bits of old fences and discarded metal hangers. Their work is impressive as they assemble fully functioning cars with independent axles, steering wheels and headlights. Their resourcefulness inspired the adults within the communities’ to create these types of crafts and sell them to tourists."

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Yerachmiel Askotzky said...

Those are actually gemsbok, not elands. The actual body coloring is more taupe than the gold color used.
The vast majority of artisans who do bead and wire work originate from Zimbabwe.
check our www.beadedanimals.net.