29 May 2012

Art I like - Leonardo Drew

This white work struck me because, colour aside, it links with my over-written "sonnets to be memorised" - it represents the state of mind  when, having fixed the last lines fairly clearly in my memory, I get to the start, and those lines are in confusion. Not only does it look like my work-on-paper, but it adds some of the distractions that I have tried to keep off the pristine page -
It's by Leonardo Drew and I found it here (but followed it to source...)

Drew lives in San Antonio, Texas, and Brooklyn, New York and exhibited in London in 2009. He's made some big sculptural pieces with wood and fabric, and grids and boxes - matrices deriving from Louise Nevelson - dramatic works that " recall the rags of slaves and beggars, nostalgic troves of jetsam, the reclamation of human efforts by nature, and architecture blasted by conflict" (according to this article). Do have a look at the gallery on his website.


wholly jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, I like this, too. There's something so captivating about it. It's "rooted" and yet evolves into "freedom."

Scarlet Blue said...

Saw THIS and immediately thought of you.

Sociedad de Diletantes, S.L. y Casilda García Archilla said...

Is that cotton? The work is very interesting. Thanks, Margaret