01 September 2012

A few more things to sort out

Back to college at the end of the week to meet in the exhibition space and sort out a few things. This involved a lot of milling about, not only in the exhibition
but also, thanks to the fire alarm going off, outside in the glorious, though rather autumnal, sunshine, awaiting the arrival of the fire engine -
Eventually the labels got put up on the walls and onto the tables, it was decided where to put the business cards, and those who were left turned their attention to the shop, which we share with the printmakers who are exhibiting in adjacent rooms. Strictly from a size point of view (and perhaps in price too) the prints overwhelm the books, and the "shop" isn't really set up for selling ... nowhere to put a cash box, for instance, or extra copies of stock, or a table on which to write receipts - but it looks cool, yes? -
After the assessment, some people had "suggestions" on which works to remove and what to replace them with. I found some books - including all the books made up of my blog writings - moved from the floor into my "little library" and wonder if that's a "suggestion" that they belong there.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a bit of last-minute making of books for the shop - 10 copies of "Seepage" (my laborious typography project) and 10 copies of "Brainstorm".
As well, I'm spending 15-minute chunks of time updating my website (it's still a bit of a shambles but improving all the time) -- which has made me resolve  forthwith and henceforth to do a number of things:
- give files useful names (so they can be found!)
- make folders and give them useful names (to help with finding files!)
- file photos by subject
and to try to 
- keep up to date ... whatever that means ...


Connie Rose said...

Geez, I didn't even know you had a website -- you're awfully quiet about it. Lovely to see all your work in one place...but what about those wonderful ceramics you did, are they there as well and I missed them?

JAQUINTA said...

I am looking forward to coming to the MA show this week - as I so enjoyed the show at the beginning of the summer
0.34miles(0.54km) ....looking at the photos I take it that the book arts will be at the Peckham Road site