17 September 2012

Round town - Bonnington Square SW8

On my way home from college, during show preparations, I found myself without a heavy bag and did something I'd been meaning to do for about a year now -- got off the bus a stop early and walked into the back streets near Vauxhall Station. Bonnington Square was a surprise -- so many plants! It's one of those places where the residents saved the buildings from demolition and made a community garden

These old windowframes
 came from one of these houses -
 in one of the leafy corners of the square. The houses open to the pavement but even so have plantings around the doors, under the windows, and around the trees at the curb -
 These "speaking tubes" (probably plumbing vents) caught my eye -
 Another leafy corner -
 Vine Lodge, at the entrance to the square, was probably smack dab in the middle of the country before the square was built -
 Rus in urbes -- the country in the city. So green, so quiet. The short walk round the square was a mini-vacation.

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