11 September 2012

Some progress

The before-during-after sequence for Monday shows slow progress on increasing the size of the memory ball - which makes sense when you consider that as its circumference increases, more yarn is needed to go round it. I'm starting to use less winding over each name before adding another.

The main problem is having enough names on hand - I haven't transferred them all onto slips of paper yet. Nor is my record-keeping as beautifully organised as I would like, some names on this page, others elsewhere -
But gradually it's getting there - on a "need to do" basis. I haven't counted how many names are going into the ball, nor did I list those in the family-childhood-schooldays section.

This morning I had a chance to stitch on the second  "journey to the studio" scroll for a while -
Amazing what you read on these little strips of newspaper! Perhaps this could be the basis of a "found text" project.... Or maybe not:  it's good simply to stitch and enjoy stitching - the travelling of the needle, the progression of colours, the quiet of the morning.

I'm at the exhibition for an eight-hour stretch - a proper working day, though with a long lunch break - and had forgotten how tiring a workday is, especially with an hour's travel added on at each end. So I was especially glad when some former work colleagues stopped by at the end of their working day. And that my family waited to have dinner till I got back at 9pm.

With three days to go, I'm concerned that there won't be enough yarn for winding in all the names yet to come. The final layer will be the names of people who've signed my book during the exhibition, and the layer with my email contact list (numbering in the low four digits) might have to be left for another time.

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