08 September 2012

Yesterday at college

The memory ball (ball of life?) at the start of the day - full of the names from my childhood and school days, and the visitors to the show on the opening evening and first day, now awaiting names from university days -
Sandy and Jill arrived about the same time, having taken various routes through the labyrinth of the building - 
In Jill's hand are some of the wee books she's been making for her kantha-stitch class, and I was to choose one of them ... well, which? The one with the historic buttons, the one with the haiku....
 The one with the mottly-grey cover, stuffed with haiku and this charming set of pages -
 While Sandy gave advice on sewing-machine maintenance (see the latest issue of Threads magazine), Jill took a photo of some spiky things -
And Maya showed us how the pages of her book "To the City" could be rearranged to foreground atmosphere, environment, or people -
When I got home I found this -
... and in the fridge, a bottle of bubbly - thanks, kids!


Connie Rose said...

Yes, congratulations! You did exceptionally well, imo. So what's next??

Jill Dian said...

Congratulations Margaret.

A wonderful exhibition.

I enjoyed seeing your work and those shoes...well what can I say?!

Pleased you liked the teeny book...