16 September 2012

Too many options?

Wow. I just encountered blogs that let you choose how you encounter them - flipcard, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot, and timeslide.

"Choose the nearest" - first in the row of options was classic. Yes -
It shows just one thing at a time - and the whole post is there, no need to click to "...read more..." (as you need to do in "magazine" mode).

"Mosaic" mode seems even more chaotic than the "flipcard" mode (top pic)

while "sidebar" mode actually seems to offer a useful way of accessing previous posts - more useful than having just the title listed, anyway -
"Snapshot" offers busy confusion again -
and "timeslide" has too many sorting options -
In summary: I'll be using classic, or sidebar. Less (clutter) is more (attractive)!

Though on second thought ... faced with so much chaos, so many little pix ... I'll probably move on to looking at something else ...

1 comment:

Connie Rose said...

That new Blogger option stinks, imo. It's chaotic. Like you, I don't want to have to navigate the thing to read it -- matter of fact, I've unsubscribed to blogs that use that format. Also, often you can't leave a comment on them as hard as you try.
New and improved rarely is, in my book.