02 July 2013

A 5:2 diet for the computer?

Yesterday, a computer-free day. No long stretch at the desk, lingering over emails and clicking far too many links on blogs. I was busy elsewhere - in the studio, outdoors in the sunshine, trimming the hedge -
Not much of a garden, but I have Great Plans for it.
(The blooming parsley at right sowed itself in the windowbox.)
At the 11th hour I tried to do a little blog post on the ipad, but it had trouble connecting to our flaky internet. The post was about the possibility of putting my computer use onto a 5:2 diet -- for five days of the week, you "eat" as normal, and for two days, you "eat" very little - which in computer terms would be checking for essential emails, perhaps looking at the electronic diary, but without replying to email, surfing, etc.

Having sat at the machine for three hours ... having had coffee and toast, at the computer, during that time ... I think another computer-lite day very soon is a great idea!


irenemacwilliam said...

Now I know why there was nothing on your blog yesterday. I missed it.
Re the parsley... they say it only grows where a woman is the boss!

Terry said...

Great idea! I could do with a computer that turns off automatically at midnight too . . .