12 July 2013

"Unending" at Westminster Reference Library

Artists books by East London Printmakers - it finishes on 13 July. Further info is here.

In no particular order, my favourites -
"Cast paper" books by Alison Bernal
(you might just about be able to see the embossed cover on the right)
Caroline Whitehead's sweet little pop-up
"Word without end" by Gini Wade
Thomas Hooke's words printed on stiffened gauze by Julia McNeal
Disappearing scrolls by Sisetta Zappone
Thread judiciously added by Sumi Perera
Print thread in (hinged) glass globes, also by Sumi Perera
"Unending Forest" by Wuon Gean Ho, and
etchings on semi-transparent paper by Veta Gorner
"Noir" by Richard Roberts took stills from films and removed the actors
(my very favourite, but priced at £1500!)

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