09 July 2013

Costing and pricing

In the season of degree shows, an article in Crafts magazine (May/June, issue 242) setting out points to consider when preparing work for sale -
When it comes to good photography - they suggest putting together a linked group of products and getting them photographed  in the best possible way - "good photos are the key to getting into fairs, press and on blogs".

"Are you charging enough?" - cost the work to include materials and overheads, and go to the Design Trust website for a detailed cost calculation (thedesigntrust.co.uk). To price the work, research the market - "it's a question of finding the correct balance. If you charge too little you will not necessarily sell more and won't make any money; if you cahrge too much you will not have many sales." 

From the Design Trust link (which has lots of info): "The wholesale price would normally be double the cost price, and then double again for recommended retail price." This post lists (and explains) 14 different categories of price.

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