10 July 2013

Current exhibitions

Despite trying to get out of the house every afternoon to see "something" (and intending to write about it...but you know how other things get in the way...), there are lots of shows still to be seen, cogitated on, digested, etc. Here's a sampling of what's on in London, with links to websites for those who are elsewhere at the time.

10-14 July at Bankside Gallery, the 6th exhibition of International Garden Photographer of the Year - see the winners on the website, www.igpoty.com. This is already my favourite photo from the show -
Tony Wallis, Waterlily House Window
12 July - 18 August at the Royal Geographical Society, Travel Photographer of the Year. See past winners here,  or watch the slide show  of this year's winners -
Until 1 September at the British Museum, recent acquisitions - 130 pieces from Arcimboldo (1527-1593) to Kitaj (1932-2007). One third of the exhibition displays 49 of nearly 300 works that Kitaj gave to the Museum shortly before his death; another third concentrates on modern Italian graphic work.
Until 1 September at Tate Britain, Patrick Caulfield. Ticket includes the Gary Hume exhibition also on.

Also at Tate Britain, till 20 October, Lowry and the Painting of Modern Life -
During that time, Simon Starling is in the Duveen Galleries.

July 12 - 31 Aug, Zandra Rhodes Unseen at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

At the Serpentine Gallery till 26 August, Sturtevant ("best known for repetitions of works by other artists"). This year's pavilion, designed by Sou Fujimoto, is up till 20 October -
Can't get to New York for the Ken Price show at The Drawing Center? Have a look at the timelapse video of Terry Smith doing a wall drawing, Capital Revisited, on their site.

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