26 July 2013

Rummaging - and rediscovering

As it was too early to use the sewing machine (there's a neighbour's bedroom directly below my shaky sewing table), I attacked another drawer full of fabric. And what discoveries - some from last century, some from recent workshops. These will definitely not be made into bookwraps. A later fate awaits them.
Starch resist samples - we rubbed in acrylic paint after the starch had dried
Little flower pictures (to be used for greetings cards?)
Screen printed, using flowers from the window-box as resist
A good project on car journeys, the stitching anyway -
the colour is acrylic paint, diluted to permeate
 or used drier on the exposed surface
The wax is still in this batik, made in a workshop with Carole Waller,
and I later started adding stitching for overdying shibori-style
Exuberant - but off kilter! This started as different ways of
attaching 3D objects (coins and shells, especially)
Painted satiny and cotton fabric, circa 1994
More of the same, with some print from a workshop with Liz Nillson
round about the same time
Hexagons printed onto turban cotton with erasers, 2008
(half a hexagon fits on a rectangular block). This
led to some 12" square quilts (here and here)
Some of the fabric made in Bob Adams' "Disgraceful Discharge" workshop, 2008
(see him talk about his exhibition at FOQ that year here)
These all bring back a lot of memories, some from pre-blogging days. I have something in mind for the blue satiny fabrics, and quickly dug around for some fabric to go with the fern prints, with a vague idea of cutting and piecing -
but really what I'd like to do with those discharged fabrics is to hand stitch on them ... somehow...
Something to mull over, think about, keep eyes (and mind) open for, and return to.

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irenemacwilliam said...

Below one image you wrote -Starch resist samples - we rubbed in acrylic paint after the starch had dried.----
Did you paint on the starch with a brush and what do you mean by rubbed in the acrylic paint. Were you using fingers or a sponge or what.
I love the samples you did.