01 April 2014

900 french knots

It's a bit indulgent to spend hours making french knots; my justification is that these pieces are an offshoot of my labyrinth-maze project. They're working toward something else ... something as yet unknown.

The latest production is a journal quilt, 8" square. It started pinned to the ironing board cover -
The three layers of sheer fabric were pinned down so that the grid (1/4") could be dotted on. (Next time I'll put dots on just one layer of fabric - the ink penetrated and the layers shifted and it got a bit confusing.)

34 x 32 = 1088... and making up a pattern was a bit like developing a counted cross-stitch chart -
Halfway up, working in horizontal rows (with regular deviations), I had to figure out how the pattern would proceed and happened to leave part of the row blank, to be filled in later.

Turn it over and you can see the pattern -
As you can see from the back, that blank area didn't get filled in, and others were subsequently strategically left.

Trimmed and satin stitched, it is finished -
Some of the dots got cut off in reducing the quiltlet to the right size, leaving about 900.
When it's held up to the light, the thread on the reverse shows as (rather geometric) ripples.
I prefer the uncut version, with the threads showing at the end of the lines.


Josie said...

Oh my goodness, this is hours of stunning work - I am very impressed!

irene macwilliam said...

Knowing what has led up to this piece I find the evolving journey fascinating. You are doing pieces on travel in the small sense and your evolution of the series is a travel in itself. Maybe this is obvious but has only just struck me. I also like the translation from one type of work to another another journey in itself.

Linda M said...

I love the backs.