26 April 2014

Daily painting continues - the square canvas

It's about trying things out ... but I'm finding it slightly difficult to think  of what to do once one "phase" has come to an end. In a way, it's easier having a subject to grapple with. Playing is hard work!


Linda Bilsborrow said...

Hear hear!

Sandy said...

Would it help to have a jar full of prompts. like a job jar? when stuck for ideas, pull out a slip and let it direct your response.
Things such as paint something angular
Paint an organic shape
a realistic shape/item
Use a warm or a cool colour or the colour of the next car/person's coat which comes down the street.
Follow the spacings and blocks of shape from a random still life composition in your kitchen/lounge, etc.

And further ideas like that.

Response could be:
-Okay, I will do that.
-I Don't Want to do that, I will do the opposite!
-Not really a good idea at this point but I could do x instead.
- Oh, that's a good idea, but if I tweaked it a bit, it would be even better.

and so on...
Sandy who gets far too many ideas that she has to offload some onto her friends!

Connie Rose said...

Oh yes, what to do next? I'm nearly completely stopped at the moment, on all creative fronts. Listening for the quiet peeps of my intuition to guide me. All quiet on that front right now. I can't seem to pick up a brush and "just paint." Or whatever medium. I don't like the concept of making lists of possibilities or having a jar with slips of prompts or whatever. That all feels to me like it's being imposed from outside of myself...meanwhile, I'm waiting for inspiration from within, aka my own voice. Stay tuned.