01 April 2014

Overwhelmed, a bit

When there's too much, it's hard to know where to start! The weekend has given me an excess of things to blog, and I'm losing sight of my aim with the blogging - "You are not behind" - only as much gets done as gets done, and not to worry about the rest!

To get the ball rolling, here are some unexpected things seen on Sunday morning. The composite pictures are as downloaded from the camera, hence some are sideways.
Tower blocks being demolished, northwest London (taken from the No.6 bus)
More shots of those buildings, taken on the return journey
(the furthest one is still being lived in)
And now for something completely different. Near the Aldwych, behind the struggling tree, is St Clement's Church - the one in the song ... "oranges and lemons, say the bells of St Clement's" -
As we got off the bus, the bells were playing that song. By the time we'd got our coffee and taken it to an outside table, they were playing something else. (Apparently they play Oranges and Lemons every evening at 6pm, and the peel of 10 bells was cast in 1693.) My little video catches them mid-song, and doesn't last long -

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