27 April 2014

Stationary video?

If you wiggle the wheel on the computer mouse back and forth, the pictures seem to move - whereas if you use the slider bar, you don't get that "exciting" effect -

They were taken at London Print Studio on the Harrow Road - I liked how the "strange" black figures inside the window linked to the black street furniture, to the variety of people passing by, and to the colourful shops beyond.
One of Ron King's characters from Anansi Company, Circle Press, 1992
The current exhibition (till 14 June), Circle and Arc, shows work from Ron King's Circle Press, which was set up in 1967 and has been at the forefront of the development of artists book publication for over five decades. Members of Arc, Victoria Bean, Karen Bleitz,, Sam Winston, worked closely with Circle before branching out with their own press.
Work by Ron KingVictoria BeanKaren Bleitz, and Sam Winston, from Circle Press and Arc Editions – and their collaborations with artists, writers and poets.

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