17 April 2015

Art I like - Fiona Robinson

Prelude, Thrown Notes (2013) Graphite, charcoal, chalk, wax; 56cm x 76cm
Echo (2013) Charcoal, chalk, wax; 56cm x 76cm

Fiona's current work is directly related to music and had its genesis in exploratory drawings made whilst listening to John Cage’s pieces for prepared piano. Strings soaked in Chinese ink were plucked repeatedly and the sound of them snapping against the paper was a significant element of the process. 

After this, she turned to exploring the deeply emotional charge of Bach’s Suites for unaccompanied cello, pursuing "a deeper engagement with the music, creating an interaction of sound, vigorous movement and mark-making whilst listening to the differing interpretations of the suites."

Her website is fionarobinson.wordpress.com. She lives and works in Dorset and France, and also writes about contemporary art from an artist's perspective.


Charlton Stitcher said...

What a fascinating idea - marks made by ink soaked guitar strings snapping against paper ... one to try, I think! Thank you for the link to Fiona's work.

Linda Bilsborrow said...

Art I like too!