14 April 2015

Tuesday is drawing day - British Museum

Last week's drawing session was in the Islamic gallery at the British Museum - a return visit for me, and there's still lots there to choose from, so this will be on the list for the future.
 Those glass shapes are marvellous - Caryl caught the way the glass catches the light -
 This 12th century water pot from Afghanistan, with its stamps and lumps and strange handle, intrigued Michelle and me  -
Result - two renditions -
After placing each little bump in relation to the ones near it, I wanted something freer and more varied and tackled the shapes of vessels on different shelves, getting different perspectives; the dark outlines are an alternative to erasure in terms of getting the shape balanced - or, in the case of that water jar, accurately asymmetrical -
Michelle used colour in an interesting way for this cat-shaped pitcher (sorry about the fuzzy photo) -
 and Mags rendered amulets, feeding into a theme she's working on -
 She also produced this week's Most Desirable Tool - the pocket-sized watercolours  -
and after comparing the darkness of soluble pencils, we were all tempted to head off to Cornelissen's (which is very near the British Museum) to stock up on yet more "drawing stuff".

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