11 April 2015

To Margate, for the art

The seaside out of season ... lured by the recent sunshine and a self-portrait exhibition at Turner Contemporary (it's on till 10 May), we took the high-speed train and walked toward the gallery.

Mist lay over the water and the sea-breeze was chilly -
 And the tide was out -
 The gallery's terrace, and the token deck-chairs, had no settlers -
 Whereas inside, for 15 minutes every hour, there's the chance to interact with "We will see how everything reverbrates" by Carlos Amorales.
Photography not allowed elsewhere, so out came the notebook in the exhibition -

I was interested in the self-portraits mainly of the women, and plan to write about that aspect, but "the best-laid plans" etc, so in the meantime here's a short review that talks about some of them.

Unfortunately I took too long looking and note-taking, so to avert a major international incident I had to leave a final few exhibits for another time (or not) and scurry in search of lunch. We found some sort of ambience with a sea view -
and peace was restored over some local pale ale, though we perhaps didn't choose too well from the menu.

The tide had come in and the sun had come out, so a walk to the lighthouse was called for -

 Going back mean walking into the wind - brr!
Even though the mist was rolling back in, kids in swimsuits were building castles and frolicking in the waves -


Sandy said...

I really love the last photo. gives a mood similar to photos from times past.

magsramsay said...

I've been considering this as a destination for my birthday in a couple of weeks. We went to Margate for our wedding anniversary last year ( weather rather better than your experience). The food in the café is very good ( and they have bottled beers from Whitstable Brewery)It was the Javelin train journey there that decided us on moving to Kent. http://magsramsay.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/turner-contemporary-at-margate.html